Reaching the Pinnacle of Performance

We know that superior performance demands a superior effort. There is no room at K-2 Manufacturing for status quo; our business prides itself on delivering excellent products that are customized to your needs and specifications.

We provide a wide offering of services, and work diligently to ensure that we maintain expertise in each specific service that we offer. We begin with a process evaluation, which may include developing close relationships with quality departments and approved vendors.

As for our Engineering assistance, we excel in our field. We consistently keep our staff up to date with the latest developments and use knowledge over guesswork. In both CAD and CAM, we make sure that our staff uses the latest software programs. Each technician on our staff is required to understand the finer details of the programs they operate. Call us perfectionists, and we will proudly admit to it!

Our welding division is equally talented. From fine detail jobs such as spot welding on thin aluminum to aircraft TIG welding, you will get results exceeding your expectations.

Our job is not complete until we provide the right finish to your specific requirements. Depending upon the material, we will provide the necessary and appropriate finish. This may range from powder coating, plating, silk screening, or military specification wet painting.

If you want the best for your business while receiving reliable delivery and fair pricing, contact us today to take the next step. Let us help you attain the pinnacle of performance on your project! We always strive to be your best value!