Who We Are and What We Do

Even if you are new to the greater Phoenix area, chances are that you have already heard of K-2 Manufacturing. With more than 30 years of manufacturing experience, and with clients in most major industries, our broad versatility and positive reputation continues to expand.

A large part of our success originates from the fact that we take your business as seriously as you do. At the very beginning, we meet with our customers in order to gain a thorough and accurate understanding of their needs and desires. This process affords us the opportunity to develop a partnership with each business we are serving, in turn giving us the proper perspective for developing and delivering products that are correct the first time.

We understand that getting your project completed on time accurately and as ordered is of utmost importance. Our goal is to deliver results on or before the promised deadline. If, unforeseen circumstances require us to work overtime in order to meet our promise and obligation to you, we will do exactly that. With no extra charge to the customer.

During our consultation process, we will work with you as advisors to find the most efficient and cost-effective approaches for reaching your goals. With a wide range of top-of-the-line fabrication equipment partnered with our staff of professionals, we will manufacture your product to your exact specifications.

As part of our dedication to reliable and timely production and delivery, we utilize an ERP system. Projects are monitored in real time each step of the way. We are able to generate reports that pinpoint where we are in our production and delivery timeline.

Usually if there is a surprise to be had by our clients, it will be due to an early delivery of the project. With our location in the central Phoenix area, we can manufacture and deliver your precision sheet metal parts throughout the Southwest as well as across America.

Once you have experienced the peak performance that K-2 Manufacturing regularly provides to each and every valued customer, you will realize first-hand, the type of results that should be expected from any manufacturer.

Contact us today to discuss your needs; we will make your company more successful with the products you need in your business!